Unique Experiences from Private Schools Near Summerhill

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Private Schools Near Summerhill
Some of North America's finest private schools are located in midtown Toronto. There are many reasons why you might want your child to attend private school. These include:
  • Academics. Private schools create a culture of achievement, where academic accomplishment is celebrated. Small class sizes, excellent and engaging teachers, and structure help students to succeed. Private schools are a good option for students who may be failing to live up to their potential in public school, or children who are excelling at public school and may need more academic challenge. Some private schools are also well suited for students who are struggling academically due to learning disabilities.
  • Values. In addition to academic knowledge, the best private schools work to instill values such as respect for others, a strong work ethic, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and service to the community. They also provide students with help learning how to plan, budget time, and find balance in their lives. One of the missions of a truly superior private school is to create a love for learning in each of their students.
  • Athletics. Toronto private schools are renowned for the excellence of their athletics programs. Several have programs that offer a wide variety of sports throughout the year, from traditional team sports to individual sports like tennis and swimming, to activities like table tennis.
Unique Experiences
In addition to these primary reasons, there are many other advantages to private school. One of these is the way in which private schools nurture and facilitate friendships; as everyone knows, friendships formed at private schools often endure for a lifetime. Friendships can be forged on the playing field or in the cafeteria, in study hall or in class – but private schools also provide unique opportunities to their students.
One feature of private schools is their ability to take students on amazing field trips. Educational and mind broadening, these can involve treks into nature, experiences of other cultures, arts events, and much more. These types of trips ensure that students get to know one another well.
Many private schools implement a house system – much like Hogwarts! Each new student is assigned to a school "family,” and older students in their house help them to learn about school customs.
Extracurricular clubs at private schools provide other opportunities for students to bond with others who have similar interests. Clubs may include such activities as:
  • Debate Society
  • Chess Club
  • Photography Club
  • Math Club
  • Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Music Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Investors Club
Private schools may also participate in various programs, such as the venerable "Reach For The Top” televised competition, or the Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly, a fantastic opportunity for those students interested in political issues. Schools may also have a newspaper or yearbook staff that works together on a weekly basis.
Choosing a School
There are various types of schools available to your child, including prep schools, boarding schools, single-gender schools, laboratory schools, French language schools, and more. Explore the educational opportunities available to your family, and discover the advantages of a first-class Toronto private school!
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